[htdig] Logo/Template Contest!

Benjamin Smedberg (41smedberg@itas07.cpit.cua.edu)
Wed, 12 May 1999 14:08:20 -0400

The ht://Dig Logo/Template contest.

Logo Contest:
Many have felt that it is time to upgrade the ht://Dig logo. If you have
graphic-design skills, please consider designing a logo, to be distributed
with the next major release of ht://Dig.

Search Templates needed!
We are expanding the ht://Dig website, to include examples of different
templates that can be used to format search results. If you have
written/customized a template for use with ht://Dig, please submit it, for
inclusion on the website.

For more details, please see the contest page on the ht://Dig website:

+ Benjamin Smedberg
+ CUA Asst. Webmaster
+ 41smedberg@cua.edu
+ http://www.acad.cua.edu/cpit/as/bds/
+ How to make God laugh: tell Him YOUR plans!

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