Re: [htdig] Compiler problems (unrelated to ht://Dig)

Brett Baugh (
Wed, 12 May 1999 12:12:05 -0500

Torsten Neuer wrote:
> Btw.. wasn't v3.6 of slackware still shipping the old kernel? I know
> slackware is currently making up a new release, but isn't that v4.0?

Yes, it came with 2.0.36, I believe. I simply upgraded the kernel
myself... *just* the kernel :) The compiler, libs, etc are still
stock out-of-the-box packages.

> Otherwise it could be a problem with the slackware distribution

This is what I'm assuming. I think the problem is that all these
other distributions were far too quick to trust glibc enough to make
it part of their dists. Slackware seems to have been about the only
one who didn't just blindly throw in with the glibc bunch. I tried
installing glibc (compiled myself from source) locally; it totally
destroyed my compiler. Completely. Everything I compiled would
*appear* to compile correctly yet have all static lib code in it and
segfault when run. That's why I installed Slack3.6 on a nice fresh
machine and started over... but even that didn't totally work. I'd
try recompiling/installing glibc if I was sure it wouldn't destroy yet
another system, but I have friends who are running Slack3.6 without
any trace of glibc and 2.2.x kernels and their compilers work
perfectly... so I don't know if I'm just cursed or what. It's a P-II
350, 128M of ram, 6 gig of drive space, so I doubt it's the
hardware... :)

You know, the Linux world was just fine and dandy until glibc came
along and blew it all up... it's exactly the sort of thing that would
make someone less familiar with Linux hate *all* things Linuxian just
because it appears like it breaks everything. Of course, since it
seems that I'm the only one who experiences these problems (for
reasons known only to Linus and the universe itself), well... you

It's very frustrating, that's all... and I'd really like to compile
things like mysql and GIMP and windowmaker. At least htdig compiles
just fine... :)

Always a silver lining....

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