[htdig] Associating concepts with files - volunteers ?

Geoff (geoff@quanta.paypc.com)
Tue, 11 May 1999 19:43:13 +1000


I'm looking to do more than just a keyword search. Its like going into a
library and searching every single book for a word like "magent" - too much
noise and not enough context.

Happily we look at a catalogue that contains author, title, call number,
associated subjects and even keywords. This layer of abstraction is how we
find concepts. Duh. I noticed the metatags, but they dont go well inside
raster & vector image files (a crucial part of any modern database).

So, I know it is on the "to do" list, but is there anyone who can assign say
five fields associated with the filename and url to the file. This would mean
that HtDig becomes like a file catalogue as well as a keyword searcher within
each file. That would indeed be a very powerful tool. Of course someone would
have to lovingly add info into the fields, but that is what librarians exist
for right ?

The idea is that a hit on one field shows the other fields associated with the
file, that will often provide more insight and cues. This could be flagged to
be show just the field searched, or all fields, or each field truncated to to
a maximum length (similar to say altavista).

I'm asking around some friends to see who is interested in this project.

Any takers ?



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