Re: [htdig] Newbie ht://dig question.

Gabriel Fenteany (
Mon, 10 May 1999 17:59:13 -0400

> I just started playing with ht://dig today, and I've got a question. I'm
> ht://dig with mhonarc for creating searchable mailing list archives, and I've
> noticed that htsearch returns messages adjacent to the ones I want (based
> on the Next-message, previous-message, etc info on each page). Is there any
> way to have htdig/htmerge ignore lines containing certain text?
> Thanks
> rob

You could put the the next-message and previous-message information inside
the default ht://Dig noindex tags: <!--htdig_noindex-->
<!--/htdig_noindex--> This would just prevent the text inside the tags
from being indexed by htdig. This inelegant solution would require adding
this to each of the message pages.

So a better solution would be to redefine the noindex_start and noindex_end
attributes in the htdig.conf file to something like:

noindex_start: next-message previous-message
noindex_end: <something that comes after the next-message information>
<something that comes after the previous-message text>

See for redefining
noindex_start and noindex_end attributes. I am not sure if you can have
multiple values for this attribute. If not you could find something to span
the two, if that's possible, and then just define noindex_start and
noindex_end once each.

 This would prevent this short text from being indexed. Since next-message
and previous-message information is not important for your search, and in
fact a nuisance, I think this would be a solution.

Gabriel Fenteany
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