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Gilles Detillieux (
Mon, 10 May 1999 10:55:53 -0500 (CDT)

According to Joe R. Jah:
> On Fri, 7 May 1999, Geoff Hutchison wrote:
> > >can i search in the ht://Dig database all pages, who has changed or are
> > >new for the last 5 - 10 days with htsearch. I think actually not ?
> > >
> > >Is this a wish for the ToDo List? :-)
> >
> > See contrib/whatsnew in the distribution. It's also available from
> >
> I could never make work; I haven't been able to figure it out
> what's wrong. I appreciate it very much if the author of, or
> anyone who has successfully used it, gives a pointer or two about it.

I think someone remarked on the several weeks ago that the Perl scripts
stopped working again when the common_url_parts and url_part_aliases
attributes were introduced. Someone would have to adapt the scripts
to handle this new twist in the database encoding. The person who had
last attempted threw his hands up in the air, unable to figure out how
to decode these.

I think this is just one more episode in a series of problems. The big
problem is that the database format is continually evolving, and the C/C++
code evolves along with it, while the Perl code is always lagging behind.
No sooner does the Perl code catch up that the database code takes
another evolutionary leap.

I think rather that trying to duplicate the whole C/C++ database code in
Perl, just to make up for a few missing features in the main ht://Dig
code, we should put the missing features in our primary tool set, so
that they go along for the evolutionary ride.

Two frequent requests that seem to get punted over to the Perl code are
a complete dump of the database contents, and a "what's new" feature.
With the date range selection going into htsearch (if we manage to
revive that semi-complete addition), it seems these two problems could
be solved by the same tool. All that's lacking is a "match everything"
feature in htsearch. Then you could get all documents falling into
a specific date range, and with the template feature in htsearch, you
could get the output in just about any format you'd need.

Am I oversimplifying things, or missing something?

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