Re: [htdig] exclude question

Gilles Detillieux (
Thu, 6 May 1999 14:49:28 -0500 (CDT)

According to Eric Luhrs:
> My start_url is a simple list of pointers to each of the pages I want
> htdig to index. The problem is that I don't want this page in htdig's
> database. I have tried to restrict it with exclude_url and I have also
> put it on a server which is not in limit_urls_to, but it keeps showing up
> in my searches. Any ideas how to to exclude start_url from indexes?

I think in general, you can put

        <meta name=robots content=noindex>

at the start of a document, and htdig will still follow links in the
document, but won't index the document itself.

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