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Douglas Kline (
Tue, 04 May 1999 16:42:47 -0400

> According to Douglas Kline:
> > When I run htsearch, it applies the default pathname for the stars which ar
> > printed after each match to show how close the match is, /htdig/star.gif.
> > pathname is not defined here and the 'alt="*"' doesn't seem to take effect
> > the result is that a better match is confusingly marked by a list of questi
> > marks.
> >
> > I have the definition for IMAGE_URL_PREFIX set to the correct value of
> > "" in the CONFIG file used at compilation
> > time and the correct pathnames show up in the htsearch output for the other
> > images including the htdig symbol on top, the numbered buttons on the botto
> > and the star in the line, "More *'s indicate a better match.", for which th
> > URL is "". The correct pathname
> > are in the files in the common sub-directory. I've scanned the tree for so
> > inappropriate reference to /htdig and cant' find one.
> The compiled-in defaults in htcommon/ that affect this are:
> {"image_url_prefix", IMAGE_URL_PREFIX},
> {"star_blank", "${image_url_prefix}/star_blank.gif"},
> {"star_image", "${image_url_prefix}/star.gif"},
> This suggests to me one of two problems. Either this source file was
> compiled before you set IMAGE_URL_PREFIX in the CONFIG file, so the
> *.html and *.conf files that refer to it were installed correctly but
> the compiled-in defaults were not set up correctly; or you redefined
> star_image and/or star_blank incorrectly in your htdig.conf file.
> A third possibility may be that your make program didn't properly
> include the CONFIG definitions, or didn't pass them on to the compiler
> for whatever reason. Your make log, if you kept one, may show the
> problem.
> In any case, all you need to do is define these attributes the way
> you want them in your htdig.conf, and the compiled-in defaults won't
> matter.

Thanks for your response. The last suggestion worked. I added the lines




to my htdig.conf file and now the stars show up in the htsearch output.

However I don't understand why this failed to work before. I have the lines in
htcommon/ which you cite. I ran the make after setting the CONFIG
file and the Makefile and .o files in htcommon are dated after the CONFIG file.
star_image and star_blank were not defined in the htdig.conf file at all. And
it got the URL right for the star in the line, "More *'s indicate a better
match." Does it get the URL for the star in that line from a different route
than for the output lines even though it should be the same URL?

Your last conjecture, "A third possibility may be that your make program didn't
properly include the CONFIG definitions, or didn't pass them on to the compiler
for whatever reason," may be the only answer although even that doesn't explain
how it got one star line right and the other wrong. However we know that the
make picked up the IMAGE_URL_PREFIX from the CONFIG file because it was applied
in at least some places. Maybe it was not passed on to the compiler.
Unfortunately I don't have a log of the make and don't want to re-run it
because it takes so long. Perhaps on a later make I can keep a log file and
find the explanation. Thanks for your help.

Douglas Kline

Douglas Kline

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