Re: [htdig] Segmentation Fault while running rundig

Gilles Detillieux (
Tue, 4 May 1999 12:56:47 -0500 (CDT)

According to Torsten Neuer:
> According to Heewoon Chung:
> >I installed htdig-3.1.2 using the rpm file from
> >
> >I set my start_url to a virtual host..
> >When I run '/usr/sbin/rundig', I get the following error messages....and I
> >clueless --;
> >
> >What should I do to fix this error?? Help!!
> >
> >./rundig: line 36: 23818 Segmentation fault $BINDIR/htdig -i $opts
> >$$stats $alt
> >./rundig: line 37: 23819 Segmentation fault $BINDIR/htmerge $opts
> >$$stats $alt
> >./rundig: line 53: 23820 Segmentation fault $BINDIR/htnotify $opts
> >../rundig: line 68: 23824 Segmentation fault $BINDIR/htfuzzy $opts
> >eendings
> >./rundig: line 74: 23828 Segmentation fault $BINDIR/htfuzzy $opts
> >ssynonyms
> >
> Looks like there are some incompatibilities between the RPM you
> installed and the libraries that are available on your system.
> I'd suggest you get the source tarball instead and compile ht://Dig
> on your system in order to install it.

Yes, either that, or if you prefer to make use of RPM, grab the source
RPM and rebuild it on your system.

You didn't mention which version of Linux you're running, or which
RPM file you installed. There are two different builds for the i386
architecture. The htdig-3.1.2-0.i386.rpm package was built on the
libc5-based Red Hat 4.2, and is probably only suitable for 4.2, while
htdig-3.1.2-0glibc.i386.rpm was built on the glibc-based Red Hat Linux
5.0, and should be used for 5.0 through 5.2 (no promises on 6.0, though
it may work). I have no idea whether these would work on non Red Hat
systems, so for those you ought to rebuild.

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