[htdig] Re: htsearch doesn't find libz.so

Zvi Har'El (rl@math.technion.ac.il)
Sun, 2 May 1999 12:04:34 +0300 (IDT)

On Sun, 2 May 1999, Zvi Har'El wrote:

> Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 11:25:05 +0300 (IDT)
> From: Zvi Har'El <rl@math.technion.ac.il>
> To: "ht://Dig mailing list" <htdig@sdsu.edu>
> Subject: htsearch doesn't find libz.so
> Hi,
> I just installed htdig 3.1.2 and had the following problem: The cgi-bin program
> htsearch failed when invoked by apache 1.3.6 because ldd couldn't find libz.so.
> It happens to be located in /usr/local/lib, and LD_LIBRARY_PATH was exported
> when apache was started using ``apachectrl start''. I solved the problem by
> adding the parameters
> -Xlinker -R -Xlinker /usr/local/lib
> to the c++ command line in htsearch/Makefile. Can you tell me what else should
> I have done?

How foolish of me. I should have read the FAQ:

5.7. When I run htsearch, I get lots of Internal Server Errors (#500).

Answer contributed by David R. Barstis <dbarstis@nd.edu>

If you are running Apache under Solaris, try adding "PassEnv
LD_LIBRARY_PATH" to Apache's httpd.conf file.

It really works! Sorry!

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