[htdig] absolute locally?

Gabriel Fenteany (fenteany@calvin.bwh.harvard.edu)
Sat, 01 May 1999 07:52:02 -0400

Hi. We have htdig indexing about 300 servers over which we have no control.
A few of these sites are written very poorly and use absolute URLs even for
local paths: e.g. their links might be <a
href="http://theirsite.com/blah.html"> when "blah.html" is in the same
directory as the entry page index file (http://theirsite.com/idnex.html).
Will htdig follow the absolute link to "blah.html" or will it see that it
starts with "http://" and assume it is an external URL and not go to it and
index it? Should I harangue these site maintainers until the change all
these terrible absolute URLs that are local links to relative links?

Thanks for the information!!!


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