Re: [htdig] Converting Keyword Spaces in Results for Linking

Andrew Scherpbier (
Fri, 30 Apr 1999 16:26:43 -0700

Gilles Detillieux wrote:
> Ultimately, I think it would be great to extend the variable substitution
> mechanism for templates to allow substitutions of URL-encoded forms of any
> variable. E.g. something like:
> $(WORDS) - unencoded
> $%(WORDS) - URL-encoded
> $&(WORDS) - SGML-encoded
> Thoughts? Is this worth implementing?

This was actually the kind of stuff I was thinking of when I suggested
tighter integration with php3.
My company's server has a very extensive template language that can do
all kinds of things and is also completely extensible. We started out
with basically an extension of what ht://Dig's templates were doing and
then grew it into supporting runtime loadable template functions
(servlet-like but mostly based on lisp) so you can do things like
$[sgmlEncode src=$(WORDS)]
Developing an engine like that is a complex operation (I should know, I
did it!!!), hence my idea of using something that's already available.
(And no, I cannot release my parser under GPL... :-()

Andrew Scherpbier <>
Contigo Software <>
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