Re: [htdig] missing excerpts

Nathaniel Irons (
Fri, 30 Apr 1999 08:17:33 -0700

On 4/30/99 at 9:27 AM, (Gilles Detillieux) wrote:

> The excerpts are showing up fine now. The behaviour you were describing
> is consistent with what happens when you have a working database, and then
> run htdig -i without running htmerge afterward. Maybe you ran htmerge
> between your last message and when I checked this morning.

This is interesting -- my assumption was that when I run htdig -i, I wipe out
all the files previously created. Which persist? Which files are used to
generate the excerpts?

What I did to fix it was install ht://dig on another machine and rescue the
original configuration file. I ran that on the same data, and my excerpts are
back. I'm not sure why yet, but at least it's something I did, and can test



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