[htdig] Running htdig while search engine is up

Gabriel Fenteany (fenteany@calvin.bwh.harvard.edu)
Fri, 30 Apr 1999 09:25:34 -0400

Hi. Question. If you run htdig in default mode (without the i swtich
specified), will it simply add to the present index? It won't delete the
database, so people can still use the search against the present database
while it is running, right? I know the distributed rundig file makes htdig
run and erase the database file first, so that search functions are down
while indexing. But what about just running htdig directly with the simple
command "htdig" and then running "htmerge" separately afterward.

I want re-index frequently. Since our meta-site is huge and takes about 10
hours to index, I don't want the search to be down while re-indexing.

Thanks a million.


Gabriel Fenteany, Ph.D.
Cell Biology and Cytoskeleton Group
Div. Hematology, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Dept. Medicine, Harvard Medical School
221 Longwood Avenue, LMRC 301
Boston, MA  02115

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