[htdig] missing excerpts

Nathaniel Irons (irons@espresso.hampshire.edu)
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 17:39:02 -0700

I installed ht://dig 3.1.2 on a freebsd machine a few days ago, and I've been
singularly impressed with the quality of both the product and the
documentation. I had been planning for all kinds of esoteric requirements in
search customization, and ht://dig looks like it handles the lot with a few
exclude arguments. That's great.

The lone hitch I've been seeing recently is a lack of excerpts in returned
search results. I haven't modified any of the excerpt-related resources, but
for every match of every search, I get the stock "(None of the search words
were found in the top of this document.)" My first day or so, the search
terms' placement in the text was reflected in the result.

Is there something I might have done to cripple this feature, or that I can do
to restore it? I'm indexing several months of mailing list traffic, converted
to HTML with mhonarc; virtually all the messages are just a few kilobytes.
Searching still works fine; I'm seeing precisely the same results as I did
before the excerpts fled.

Also, is there a search interface to this list aside from the "Quick Search"
at the bottom of the navigation frame? I had expected to find something
showing off a little more of ht://dig's power, but was unsuccessful.

Thanks very much for your time.


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