Re: [htdig] $WORDS value

Gilles Detillieux (
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 15:27:23 -0500 (CDT)

According to Jorge:
> > You *can* however change the templates so these variables aren't >output.
> How can I do that?
> I have tried:
> <select name="keywords">
> <option value="Todos">Todos
> <option value="ABC">ABC
> ........................
> <option value="TRI">TRIBUNA de Salamanca
> </select>
> and the first keyword doesn't appear in WORDS (and LOGICAL_WORDS)
> But when I put --name="keywords"-- (instead of --name="words"--) in
> the other two structures the search doesn't work.
> Is possible to include more than one field --name="keywords"-- in the
> same form?

No, right now I think the only input parameters that can handle multiple
definitions like this are "restrict" and "exclude". If I'm not mistaken,
you could make htsearch handle multiple definitions of "keywords" by changing
line 177 in htsearch/ from

        requiredWords.Create(input["keywords"], " \t\r\n");


        requiredWords.Create(input["keywords"], " \t\r\n\001");

htsearch already merges together multiple definitions into a single input
parameter, but it uses the special separator Ctrl-A ('\001'), so this
separator needs to be handled explicitly in the processing of parameters
that allow it. Please let us know if this does the job for you.

The keywords input parameter is the right one to use if you want to
limit the search to documents that contain these words, and don't want
these words to appear in $(WORDS).

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