[htdig] accessing sites whose entry pages are not index.html

Gabriel Fenteany (fenteany@calvin.bwh.harvard.edu)
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 06:01:20 -0400

Hi. I am indexing a large number of different servers. Some of the URLs
point to http://foo.com/ but apparently the index file is not index.html but
index.htm or default.html. Will htdig dig a site right if http://foo.com/
uses "index.htm" and not "index.html" If it would NOT dig the site with
the the more standard index filename, what is the switch I'd use in the
htdig.conf Point is, I don't want to have to check what the name of the
entry page of all these kinds of sites are.

I indexed a big list of sites, and most come up...but so far of the ones
I've checked, only the ones that deviate from "index.html" are not showing
up when the URL I have for them is http://foo.com/

Simply love htdig! But need help to get those last few sites.


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