[htdig] $WORDS value

Jorge (jorgar@dvnet.es)
Thu, 29 Apr 1999 10:20:33 +0200


 I have a search form with this options:

<select name="words">
  <option value="Todos">Todos
  <option value="ABC">ABC
  <option value="TRI">TRIBUNA de Salamanca

<select name="words" size="1">
  <option value=Todos>Todos
  <option value=1999>1999
  <option value=1998>1998

<select name="words">
  <option value=Todos>Todos
  <option value=Enero>Enero
  <option value=Diciembre>Diciembre

 This words are introduced in the docs.html like a tag meta:
    <meta name="keywords" content="TRI 1999 Enero Todos">

 I want that this words donīt appear in the variable $WORDS (and
$LOGICAL_WORDS), is there any way for do this?

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