[htdig] Daily Dig about 1/2 successful

Tim Perdue (tim_perdue@yahoo.com)
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 09:10:04 -0700 (PDT)

My nifty perl script for handling the daily dig +
merges got to database #149 out of 300 before giving
up the ghost.

I have attached the errors below, but the fatal error
had to do with it being out of temp space. According
to df, I have at least 453MB Free on my smallest
drive. I am not specifying any particular disk to sort
on, so is it defaulting to my root volume? Maybe I
just solved this myself. 8-)

Filesystem 1024-blocks Used Available
Capacity Mounted on
/dev/sdc3 1931651 1378737 453074 75%
/dev/sda 8573425 4699798 3429046 58%
/dev/sdb 17073331 12975098 3209071
80% /atlas18gb

> DB2 problem...: missing or empty key value specified
> DB2 problem...: missing or empty key value specified
> /bin/sort: write error: No space left on device
> --> 149 <-- mkdir update.db failed! at
> /atlas18gb/htdig/daily-dig.pl line 36.
> htmerge: Word sort failed

Does anyone know what the "DB2 problem" is all about?

The FAQ mentions the "word sort failed" issue. Will
that also apply when it is run through a perl script?

Thanks! This thing is about 90% working the way I want
it to at this point.

Tim Perdue


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