Re: [htdig] problems with endings and excerpt displaying

Bea (
Mon, 05 Apr 1999 21:13:04 +0200

>According to Bea:
>> >>On the two machines, the configuration file and the indexed pages are the
>> >>same.
>> >
>> >Are the *versions* the same? There were a few bugs with excerpt display
>> >that were only fixed in version 3.1.0 and later. Since you mention it being
>> >your ISP's machine, it's possible it's not as up-to-date as yours.
>> No, htdig was not installed on my isp's machine. We made the installation,
>> both are the 3.11 versions.
>Do they have the same search_algorithm attribute setting?

search_algorithm: exact:1 synonyms:0.5 endings:0.1
>The same endings database?

Yes. (french ones)

>The endings database is created by "htfuzzy endings",
>and consists of word2root.db & root2word.db, which htfuzzy makes
>from english.0 & english.aff by default. If you use different
>endings_dictionary or endings_affix_file on these two systems, that
>could account for the different results.

Nobody else reported problems like that ?


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