[htdig] "Extra lines" and Htdigs variables

Shawn Patton (Shawn@fraservalleymall.com)
Thu, 01 Apr 1999 06:20:27 -0800

Thank you All on the topic of:
"Directory structure 'virtual environment' problems"
With you help I finally got all the paths to work!

Now, I have another question ;-)

I'm using PHP to parse the variables and build custom pages.
( Why I am not just using the default stuff I don't really know
anymore ;-)

Anyway, grabbing the variables from Htsearch and passing them
to PHP appears to be not too... difficult except for knowing
which line of the $result array ( as per Colin Viebrock's tutorial on
devshed.com ) corresponds to what piece of information.

As Collin stated, "an additional new-line is created after the
$(STARSLEFT) and $(STARSRIGHT) variables".

It appears to me that there is also an extra line created after
$(PAGELIST). Is this true?

.. and is there any other extra lines after other variables that
I should know of?

I looked at Display.cc and couldn't see if a newline was added
or not.


PS: I wish that all the variables were listed on one page in
the manual :-)

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