[htdig] following URL's not in HREF Tag

Anita Maehrle (maehrle@tis.mt.com)
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 14:21:05 +0200 (MET DST)

Hi all,

I have sucessfully set up htdig. Now, I am tweaking to config file to suit our

We are using JavaScript for navigation. Lots of URL's are not in the <A
HREF=blahh.htm>abcd</a> style, but are called directly via JS. htdig, naturally,
does not follow these links, und the subsequent pages do not get parsed and
included in the db.

Is there any way to get htdig recognize anything in the form *.htm as a URL?

Another possibility would be feeding URL's or filenames of these pages into
htdig. This would be a nice feature! Something like: find . -print | htdig

As I searched through the mailing list archives and config docu, I never saw
such a feature..... Is there no possibility to have htdig search files not in a
recursive manor by following links but as entering filenames to search directly?

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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