[htdig] Thoughts on searching by date range

mike grommet (mgrommet@insolwwb.net)
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 16:00:57 -0600

Guys, this is just some information I've been jotting down today while
the date search range possibilities...

Please review them and tell me what you think... I know this is probably
to you guys, but I'm rusty so......

Anyway, here are the notes:

The start / end date will be passed in from a web form, with separate
entries for
Start_month,start_day,start_year, end_month, end_day, end_year.

Htsearch will take these incoming values plug them into a tm structure, 1
for startdate, 1 for enddate:

           int tm_sec; /* seconds (0 - 60) */
           int tm_min; /* minutes (0 - 59) */
           int tm_hour; /* hours (0 - 23) */
           int tm_mday; /* day of month (1 - 31) */
           int tm_mon; /* month of year (0 - 11) */
           int tm_year; /* year - 1900 */
           int tm_wday; /* day of week (Sunday = 0) */
           int tm_yday; /* day of year (0 - 365) */
           int tm_isdst; /* is summer time in effect? */
           char *tm_zone; /* abbreviation of timezone name */
           long tm_gmtoff; /* offset from UTC in seconds */

then use mktime to convert it to a time_t structure

     mktime(struct tm *tm)

If the user hasn't specified a time range
Start date should consist of something like
Jan 1, 1900, and end date should consist of today's server date.

One problem that will occur is that the web server returns modification
In UTC, and the script we use to generate the pages for indexing will also
To return times in UTC… However, the user will specify their dates/times in
Localtime. This will only make a difference on a few occasions but could
Unexpected search results. I still have to work this out

ThisRef->Doctime() should provide me with the value to compare with the date
I need to figure out what structure Doctime returns so I can compare it.

Htsearch will be able to add or remove documents based on this comparison.

How do I keep the date requirements when viewing multiple pages of results…

What do you think? Any suggestions? Comments? Gripes?

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