Re: [htdig] Small problem with HtDig: No list of found articles!?!

Gilles Detillieux (
Tue, 30 Mar 1999 14:07:50 -0600 (CST)

According to Steve Hayes:
> It'll no doubt be obvious to you but on installation, HtDig works in
> that I can do a search but there's no listing of the results, just a
> list of pages for the occurances. I've been battling with this for days
> and have almost given up!?!
> Enclosed are two files if nothing immediately comes to mind:
> header.html and htdig.conf where I think there's something missing?!
> Many thanks in advance for your wisdom, Steve.

I can't see anything missing in the files you sent. This strikes me as
something that might happen if your db.docdb file is corrupt. That you're
getting the list of pages at the bottom suggests it's finding more than
10 matches in the index, but if it can't look up the db.docdb records
for these matches, they get tossed out.

Try running htsearch -vvv from the command line, to see if it doesn't shed
some light. If you don't have a freshly built database, by all means,
rebuild it from scratch. If that doesn't help, try running htdig and
htmerge with -vvvv to see what's happening to your db during the build.
This will generate LOTS of output, so be forewarned. Also, if you're
using a different config file for htsearch than for htdig/htmerge, make
sure they use the same database_dir.

You didn't mention what your OS is, but given that the htdig.conf file
looked like one generated by one of my htdig-3.1.0b* RPMs, I'd guess
Red Hat Linux. If you're running 5.0 & up, be sure you installed the
glibc version of the RPM. The libc5 version (from a RH 4.2 system)
worked when I tested it under 5.0, but I've heard that it failed on 5.2.
You may also want to upgrade to 3.1.1.

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