Re: [htdig] Searches on Date Ranges
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 22:28:43 -0800

At 8:52 PM -0500 3/29/1999, Geoff Hutchison wrote:
>On Mon, 29 Mar 1999, Vishal Shah wrote:
> > I would like to include searching on date ranges in one of my Htdig
> > implementations. Is there a way that I can do it with the latest version
> > ?
>Not at the moment. The biggest problem is working out how dates would be
>input to the search. Since the CGI must be able to work out the date
>format (e.g. MM/DD/YY v. DD/MM/YY), it's a bit tricky if you just let the
>user enter a date.

Doesn't the HTTP header give you the file modification date? And I
sure hope it's in the format YYYY so it will work next year, too ;-)


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