Re: [htdig] Newbie Q: Functionality of htdig

Torsten Neuer (
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 21:08:51 +0200

On Mon, 29 Mär 1999, Geoff Hutchison wrote:
>On Mon, 29 Mar 1999, Torsten Neuer wrote:
>> Well, I could imagine regex-replacing the output of htsearch in a
>> PHP/3 or CGI wrapper script which then would just pass the requested
>> URL on to another wrapper which in turn does the hilighting. That
>> way you won't get the document directly from the server but modified.
>> Together with the anchor feature of ht://Dig that would be exactly
>> what Sasa asked for.
>True. But as I read it, the question was "does *ht://Dig* do this?" So my
>answer was no.

Yep, yoi're right.. ht://Dig can't do that itself.

>PHP or CGI would do this nicely. Then again, there are other
>document-publishing systems on UNIX that do this already... No use
>repeating the effort...

Not so sure.. are those "other document-publishing systems" suitable
for use in a web site? If yes, you're right.. ,-)

>(Of course if someone wants to contribute a CGI wrapper or PHP code to do
>this, I'd be glad to put it on the website.)

Since I could think of using such a thing for our own site, I think
I'll hack it as soon as I find a free slot. Alas, if you're going
to provide me with one of those "other ... systems" I'd be glad to
skip that ;-)


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