[htdig] Directory structure "virtual environment" problems

Shawn Patton (Shawn@fraservalleymall.com)
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 05:35:56 -0800


Please help :-)
I get the following error:
Unable to read configuration file '/usr/home/my_user_space/usr/local/htdig/rm.conf

My OS: Virtual BSD 3.0

I am on a "virtual server"... not a "virtual host" and therefore
I believe this is causing HTSEARCH to not find my configuration

I'll try to explain the best I can. You see, I have shell access to files
above my user space (outside of my virtual environment):


To install *any* software ( including Htdig ) certain files are
used/needed which reside above my user space ( outside of my
virtual environment ). So therefore I configure with:
..or similar setup.

So here is where I think the problem lies. Whenever my server
invokes a program the directory structure *above* my user
space becomes the root directory / . Therefore:

"/usr/home/my_user_space/" == "/"

In other words my server ( and all programs initiated from it)
run in my "virtual environment"

So Htsearch is looking for:
"/usr/home/my_user_space/-path- to- config-file"
but I believe since Htsearch is being invoked from my
server, that as far as Htsearch is concerned
"/usr/home/my_user_space/-path- to- config-file"
does not exist.

So I think that this is why I am getting error like:
htsearch detected an error
Unable to read configuration file '/usr/home/my_user_space/usr/local/htdig/rm.conf

I cannot install Htdig and have it ignore the files above my "virtual environment".
If I did it won't install.

I could be way of the mark here ;-)

Would anyone see a solution?

PS. Htsearch appears to work OK from the command line with my conf file placed
in the SAME directory as Htsearch.


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