Re: [htdig] Newbie Q: Functionality of htdig

Shantonu Sen (ssen@MIT.EDU)
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 01:10:42 -0500

>> d) Also, I need the ability that htdig highlight the searched terms in
the found documents.
>Actually *hilighting* in the documents isn't possible. Unlike the program
>you mention, ht://Dig doesn't store the actual document in its database.
>So to hilight the document, it would have to change the HTML on the

actually, i could envision this as being possible by a few simple
extensions to htdig:

1) if there could be a new preference called "output_url", which unlike
"url_part_aliases", would only be used at the final stage in htsearch, and
each url would be parsed according to regular expression matching rules.
for example, you could have:


which would obviously translate urls, and would be extremely far more
flexible than url_part_aliases.

2) a variable interface that is externally accessible, specifically a
variable $(SEARCH_STRING), which could be accessed from within htdig.conf
and inserted into any outputted result pages

by combining these, and a simple perl parsing script that finds occurences
of the search string (which it would figure out from $(SEARCH_STRING) ) and
inserts <B> </B> tags, you could make something to highlight the search


i think even if being able to access the search string isnt feasible, the
regular expression matching would be really cool and really valuable.

shantonu sen
Shantonu Sen
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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