[htdig] problem after updating database

Markus Rietzler (markus.rietzler@wuppertal-forum.de)
Sun, 28 Mar 1999 22:48:36 +0200


i use htdig (ht://Dig 3.1.0b2) on our website
http://www.wuppertal-navigator.de to our own webserver and other websites in
the internet. i do the indexing with the -a flag, so that during the
indexing searches are possible. after several hours (at about 8 hours) the
indexing is completed and i can copy the *work files to the "normal-db"
files. but now i have the problem that any search will produce a message

        "No pages were found" (or something like this)

does anyone have a idea where the problem is? all the files were created, i
get no errormessage (using -v) saying that the mergeing or indexing failed.
the files are all bigger than the old ones (that's ok, because i have added
several servers since the last run). when i copy the old database files back
everything works fine.

is there any limit in the number of servers to be indexed or the number of
pages or file, database size?

any help welcome.


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