Re: [htdig] Merging databases

Shane Y. Gibson (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 13:45:22 -0800 "Shane Y. Gibson" , htdig@htdig

Quoting Gilles Detillieux <>:

> No, htsearch can only search a single database. What you need to do is
> use the -m option of htmerge (3.1.1 or later) to specify the configuration
> file that uses the database that you want to merge into your main database
> (the one specified in your default configuration file).

Duh! I meant to type "htmerge"!! So...what you're saying I
should do is the following:

        htmerge -a -m external.conf -c internal.conf

Which would take the External database and merge it in with the
internal database??

Thanks for the input!


Shane Y. Gibson
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