[htdig] Newbie Q: Functionality of htdig

Sasa Janiska (sjaniska@inet.hr)
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 12:21:26 -0100

I'm pretty new to Linux, just recently installed my first SuSE 6.0.

There I've discovered htdig and I've become excited seeing & feeling in it the possibility to get rid of my last
Win3.x program running on my OS/2 partition and therefore move completely to Linux.

I have one Folio Views Infobase which is a collection of different philoosophical books, lectures, letters and
Exported as a RTF file, the complete Infobase is about 175 MB.

I'm interested whether htdig can replace my Folio program and offer required functionality.

a) I want to be able to somehow build table of contents of the whole collection and be able to freely navigate
through different books.

b) my documents are static, only from time to time I would maybe add some text into the whole structure,
re-index everything and that's all, and just local search and retrieval.

c) Folio Views has the ability for normal boolean search, as well as phrase searching and proximity
searching. Proximity search is not really needed, but phrase search would be really nice.

d) Also, I need the ability that htdig highlight the searched terms in the found documents.

Is it possible to achieve the above mentioned things with htdig?

What would be the best way (the most efficient in terrms for search & retrieval speed) to store the whole
data: as one file like in Folio Views or in many smaller documents?

Is it possible to change an interface - to create custom form for search & retrieval and work find the results?

Is there some tool to automate (some kind of text proccessor) to automate bulding of table of contents,
because, RTF contains all different styles used in Infobase structure?

Please, forgive me if I'm asking too many questions which were maybe already asked on this list.

I'll very much appreciate any info regarding my questions and hints how to (if possible) to do the job.
Thanks in advance.

Sasa Janiska
Zagreb, Croatia
E-mail: sjaniska@inet.hr

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