[htdig] results in frames

Christian Hammers (ch@genesis.westend.com)
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 14:30:29 +0100

Hi !

Every page on my webserver has a left and top frame. But if I click on a
search result found from htdig, I see only the "main" frame, not the
upper and left one. Of course :-)

Is it possible that every result link isn't shown as
http://www.myserver.de/some/page/index.html but as
http://www.myserver.de/cgi-bin/framer&some/page/index.html ?

This way the framer.cgi could add the frames.

read you,


Christian Hammers            WESTEND GmbH i.G.           Tel 0241/701333-0
ch@westend.com      DPN Verbund-Partner Aachen u. Dueren   Fax 0241/911879
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