Re: [htdig] Multiple datasets combined.

Torsten Neuer (
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 16:56:59 +0100

On Mon, 22 Mär 1999, Barry Zubel wrote:
>Is it possible for multiple databases to be combined for the purposes of a
>I don't want to *merge* the databases, I simply want to search across
>multiple databases.
>If it is not possible, and hacks, ideas?
>Barry Zubel
>Technical Manager
>City Mutual Ltd

AFAIK it is not possible to have htsearch working on multiple
databases. However, I can think of a solution which uses a
wrapper script which launches several htsearch processes and
merges their output.
As a side effect, this could also result in a vast increase of
performance compared to using a single, huge database.
Another advantage over the single database model would be the
possibility to use different configuration settings for each of
the search processes, which in turn could improve the results.
The wrapper application should be trivial, but production versions
should not be implemented in interpreted languages, since this
is likely to eat up most of the performance gained by the
concurrent database search.


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