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Andrew Scherpbier (
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 07:42:59 -0800

Elizabeth Carmack wrote:
> Greetings,
> I'm researching ht://Dig for possible use by my employer, the Texas
> Natural Resource Conservation Commission, as a search engine on our
> external and internal Web sites. We have a Netscape Internet server, on
> an HP-UX 10. The ht://Dig Web site is helpful, but I couldn't find the
> answers to a few questions. Can any of you kind souls help me?
> Will ht://Dig run on an HP-UX 10?

It should. I have not personally run it under HP/UX 10 recently, but it used
to work just fine.

> Can it handle indexing 50,000 Web pages and/or 16 gb size with room to
> grow?

Yes. 50,000 documents is a medium sized site; there are people that use
ht://Dig on *much* larger sites.

> Are you allowed to create custom concept/acronym definitions?

Yes. Look at the synonyms fuzzy search algorithm.

> Does it understand natural language?

No, it does not.

> Any estimates on how much time it requires for initial
> configuration/installation and administration?

That's probably hard to estimate. In the best case, you can simply run
'./configure;make;make install' to get everything setup. Please read the
documentation, though. You'll need to modify the CONFIG file before you build
the software.

> How well does it find PDF documents?

It finds them pretty well... :-) It even indexes them with the use of
acroread or xpdf.

> Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

I hope this helps.
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