Re: [htdig] Re: Description patch

Antti Rauramo (
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 10:14:14 +0200

Gilles Detillieux wrote:

> According to Antti Rauramo:
> > Okay, the latest patch with the correction seems to work fine, thanks, now still
> > the space-and-punctuation problem remains. Anyone?
> Funny you should ask. I've spend a fair bit of my spare time the past two
> days working on a big patch to, which fixes about three previously
> reported bugs about inconsistent handling of space and punctuation in
> the title, href descriptions and doc. head. It seems to have helped
> a lot with some problems on my site, but I'm hoping others on the list
> will test it as well, especially those who had reported problems with
> inconsistent spacing or punctuation in titles or descriptions.

Applied, compiled, tried, it works! Great, thanks!

> Thank you for volunteering, Antti! ;-)

Hey, anytime, this is an essential feature for the e-commerce site I'm working on.

> This patch will apply to the 3.1.1 source, but not entirely successfully
> to the 3.2.0 development source (one hunk will fail, and will need to
> be applied by hand).

Oh well, I seem to save the patches somehow wrong, because my (Solaris) patch program says
"I can't seem to find a patch in there anywhere."

So, everything's applied by hand.

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