[htdig] Re: searching for hypenated words

Hans-Peter Nilsson (hans-peter.nilsson@axis.com)
Fri, 19 Mar 1999 18:32:11 +0100

> From: Donald Ball <balld@webslingerZ.com>
> Date: Fri Mar 19 18:08:53 CET 1999

> I can't seem to make htdig treat hyphens as word characters. I see that
> this has been discussed in the mailing list before but didn't see any
> resolution. Is there something I can tweak in the source code? I removed
> the hyphen from the valid_punctuation string to no avail. I'm using
> htdig-3.1.1 on a Solaris-2.5.1 box. Thanks for any suggestions.

That functionality is not in htdig-3.1.1. (I just wrote it some
week ago...)
 Last thing I heard, it will be in 3.1.2 or possibly 3.2 (Gilles
or Geoff may want to fill in here).

It is a new attribute to put in your configuration file, named
"extra_word_characters", defining a set of characters to be
considered part of words.

As it is now, (non-digit) characters that are not defined as
word-characters in your locale are considered to be
word-delimeters, unless (as you know) valid_punctuation says
they should just be ignored.

brgds, H-P
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