Re: [htdig] Avoiding multiple (identical) search results

Ulrich Wisser (
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 08:41:14 +0100

Hello Ivan,
> Our server has web documents stored at /usr/local/www/alia/,
> but visitors should only see files from /alia/ inwards
> (historical reasons, and to allow virtual servers alongside
> in other directories).

I didn't understand the impact on virtual servers, but how
did you configure your /alia/ directory? Is it an alias to
/usr/local/www/alia/ and same as document root? Or did you
use a Redirect statement? If /alia/ is outdated (you wrote
"historical") you should use Redirect. Robots will recognize
and detect already spidered pages. The same problem with
ht://dig will occur with any other searchengine, e.g.
AltaVista or Excite.

So long


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