[htdig] HTDIG doesn't follow /cgi-bin/name.cgi?option=blafasel - Links

gstammw (gstammw@gmx.net)
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 15:27:07 +0100

Hello !

I'm running on www.edu-search.de .
My configuartion has disabled the cgi-bin/.cgi-deny-entry and the
maximum-hop setting has been set to 8 hops.
On my start-page (hop0) there are different links like <a
The problem is, that htdig doesn't follow links on the page www.fundus.org
which point to a cgi-script like this...

What can I do ??

Another question: is there the possibility to disallow some hosts like
www.sex.com or something like that :-) I don't want all these
porno-shit-sites in my index.

Thank you,
Gunther Stammwitz
Administrator of edu-search.de

Da wohne ich:
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