[htdig] ht:Dig// search engine with Dublin Core meta tags ?

Stephen Meredith (Stephen.Meredith@jcu.edu.au)
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 11:09:42 +1100

Has anyone ever tried to modify ht:Dig// to pay attention to
Dublin Core (as opposed to 'htdig-...') meta tags ?

If you look at :


you'll see an example of a drop-down list of DC meta data elements
so that you can look for pages by a certain author or whatever
(using HotMeta though, which knows almost nothing about any meta-
data-impoverished pages unfortunately).

We are using Dublin Core tags at JCU (plus I've added KEYWORD and
DESCRIPTION tags for the benefit of Alta Vista for instance) so
would prefer not to have to add yet another set of tags, but we
are quite happy with ht:Dig// so this would be the best of all
possible worlds. Otherwise we'll have to run TWO search engines,
one for pages blessed with meta-data and another for other pages.

The only other solution would seem to be to use the very expensive
UltraSeek. Any comments or suggestions ?

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