[htdig] Making htsearch Work

Douglas Kline (kline@head-cfa.harvard.edu)
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 15:27:11 -0500

Having just joined this e-mail list, I have questions for those of you more

I can't seem to get htsearch to work from the Web browser here. I used the file
the installation includes htdocs/htdig/search.html and then worked further with
it. It has the pathnames in it /htdig/htdig.gif and / cgi-bin/htsearch which
gave rise to errors when Netscape tried to access them. I note that these same
pathnames work when used on the htdig site even though they seem incomplete. Is
there a way to define a root for pathnames in the form of absolute file

I replaced those pathnames with pathnames which are accessible here both as
file pathnames and as a URL for the htsearch program and nothing works. Rather
the contents of the htsearch program are apparently being dumped into a new
browser window. When I call htsearch by its file pathname on the command line,
it works. So that's not it. I've built the URL for htsearch from the htdig
Web site into my search.html file with the same syntax and it works when called
from here.

I don't know whether these two questions are related.

Any ideas as to what's going wrong?

Please forgive my ignorance if I've missed something elementary, like a


Douglas Kline

Douglas Kline

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