[htdig] Sherlock, and $(PERCENT)

Ivan Trundle (ivan.trundle@alia.org.au)
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 12:56:13 +1100

Apologies as a newbie to the list, but I am looking
for details on how and where to apply the $(PERCENT)
variable into my search results, not just to be able to
implement it in Sherlock (most important), but also
in general search results html output (less important).

p.s Very impressed with the software AND the amount
of material available within the various htdig mailing
lists and archived on the web server - though it seems
that there aren't many Sherlock users out there!

And most pleased that it took only 5 minutes to get decent
output looking "corporatised", both from the standard
web-based output, to Mac OS Sherlock plug-in output.


TIA, Ivan Trundle
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