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Charlie Romero (
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 18:14:58 +0000

>According to Shantonu Sen:
>> alternatively, you can have the header.html have the IMG tag point to a
>> script instead of a static image. the script, in turn, would server up
>> different images depending on when its called.
>> i've had a lot of success with this for netscape, but IE doesnt seem to
>> like that. i suppose you could put a "[works only with netscape
>> navigator]", but this might not be the best solution for you.
>Another problem with that approach is that with a banner ad, you usually
>want not only the image to change, but also the URL that the <a href=...>
>tag points to, so you need to change the HTML as well.
>> you could also have header.html regenerated every minute with a different
>> ad, but this might get a little dangerous on a highload site if the html
>> file is constantly being rewritten.
>> these might not be the best solutions, but they are alternatives.
>This solution has a lot of merit. For rotating banners, you can pre-
>generate all the various header.html files for each of the banner ads
>you want to show, and a cron job can periodically change a link from
>one file to the next in rotation. This shouldn't cause much of a load
>on the server (probably less than a CGI script would).

Thanks you guys,

These are both interesting approaches but you guys are starting to get out
of my comfort zone.

The only thing I've done w/ cron is roll logs, but I like the idea. How
would cron know to rotate through files as opposed to just moving to the
next one down the list. Can you write the script to make it start over and
replace file z.html with a.html at a certain given point. I guess it needs
to be a shell game so that files don't get overwritten but just continually

As far as calling a script inside of an <img> tag, can you lead me a little
farther? I'm not sure of how to get from point A to point B, but this also
sounds like an excellent idea.



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