Re: [htdig] Please help: "Sort" in an endless loop!

Geoff Hutchison (
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 16:37:27 -0500

At 2:26 PM -0500 3/15/99, Marjolein Katsma wrote:
>What I don't know is whether he succeeded in actually getting that kind of
>detection built into the Config for 3.1 (or 3.1.1), or whether that is even
>possible: I just haven't had the time yet to install the new version!

Shawn is correct in noting it is not detected in the new version. I've
tried one or two strategies to detecting this problem in the configure
script. Unfortunately, none of them seem viable as of yet. However, I
haven't spent much time on this as I've been very busy with a number of
other things.

Clearly if anyone has used autoconf before and can come up with a test for
this poor usage of "-T" by BSD systems, I'd greatly appreciate it. :-)

(Until then, I really need to update the FAQ...)


-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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