[htdig] tricky? problem

Barry Zubel (barry@citymutual.com)
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 14:00:28 -0000

Hokie - dunno if this is hard or not - I'm a relative newcomer to htdig, but
here goes:


Two servers:

Server 1: This is (like) a newsfeed.

This server is updated almost every minute with new stories. htdig is run
every 10 minutes to index the new stories (incremental index). This works

Server 2: Archive server.

This server is updated every night with the stories received during the day
on Server 1. The stories are then removed from Server 1, and the whole
process starts again.

My Question:

What is the best way to go about indexing this entire lot? I want the whole
archive and current data searchable. However, can htdig cope with the fact
that the stories move from one server to another if I simply do an
incremental index? Will they remove the records from Server1 and add new
records to Server2? will I have to have an HTML page that links to every new
story in the archive?


Barry Zubel
Technical Manager
City Mutual Ltd

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