[htdig] Can't think of a title for this one

Bob Nugent (gigs@ici.net)
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 09:05:31 -0500


My site's host runs Linux/Apache. I do not know which Linux
distribution. The sysad has ht://Dig hooked up to a particular
directory in my site where I have resumes stashed.

Before 3.1.0 and the releases before and after, ht://Dig worked
well. Since, it's not working well although getting better.

One of the current problems is the search results occasionally
produces a link to a resume file that includes this message
under the link:
"(None of the search terms were found in the top of this document
(i.e., between the tags), although a portion, which may be hidden
in the source code, caused it to match your search.)"

However, the search term was "crane". 4 stars were produced.
The word "cranes" is in the body of the html one time. And,
the word "crane" is one of the keywords after the "htdig_keyword"

My question is: As it's only happening occasionally now, is it
the type of thing that I will have to live with, or *should* this
be fixable? If I have to live with it, I can always put an
explanation on the initial search page.

directories/files involved:

(/ = the servers root)
(/client/(my users name)/ = my site's root)

/clients/(my user name)/search.html
/clients/(my user name)/index_resume.html (URL index of the
                                           of the resume files
                                           starting with:
/clients/(my user name)/html/(all the resume files)

I know this is not much info to go on. Venture a guess?

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