[htdig] Server does not return "Last Modified" = htdig sort result by time broken

Jabba The Hut (jabbathehutusa@netscape.net)
14 Mar 99 07:06:51 EST

Sorry if this is slightly off topic, but I've asked in all of the "logical"
places with no response.

Netscape Enterprise 3.01 on AIX does not return a "Last Modified Date," so the
search doesnt sort by date.

I've verified this with telneting to Port 80 and manually doing, GET, HEAD,

It works fine with Apache of course, but I need to get it working with the
Netscape Server.

This is an older version, but I understand the current version shipping with
Caldera Open Linux has the same problem.

Can anyone help me get this working with Netscape Server?


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