[htdig] help a newbie with header/footer/etc

Benson Yeh (yeh@tuna.net)
Sun, 14 Mar 1999 03:50:21 -0500

I'd like to customize the response of htdig to my website. I dont like the universal response that HTDIG serves after a search has been performed.

I know that I should be able to change the header/footer/etc for HTDIG, but I dont know how/what I should change. Is it in the .conf file? Any help would be appreciated.

I've got header.html, footer.html, etc in my HTDIG directory, but it doesn't seem to use them. Instead, it uses the common header/footer/etc from my ISP's web server. How do I change this to a customized one for my web site?


Benson Yeh M.D.

email: yeh@tuna.net

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