[htdig] Re: Description patch

Antti Rauramo (antti.rauramo@edita.fi)
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 15:34:42 +0200

Geoff Hutchison wrote:

> OK, here's a completely untested patch. As it turns out, someone's in the
> process of upgrading my development box, so I can't compile. :-(
> The first also takes care of a smallish memory leak in the display code.
> The second should take care of the problems with empty descriptions. (I
> noticed it checks for null strings, but not strings of nulls :-).
> So once again, not only are these untested, but I didn't get a chance to
> compile them, so I might have made some silly mistake somewhere. If so,
> please let me know...

Ookay, thank you very much once again, here's the little silly mistake
came up in compiling:

> *** htdig-3.1.1/htsearch/Display.cc Wed Feb 17 00:03:56 1999
> --- htdig3/htsearch/Display.cc Wed Mar 10 13:57:06 1999
> *************** Display::displayMatch(ResultMatch *match
> --- 342,350 ----
> ! *description = ((String*) (*list)[0]);

I think this should be "description = ((String*) (*list)[0]);", without
"*", that is.

Or maybe I'm wrong, 'cause the patch seems to make another leak, or
See http://www.edita.fi/cgi-bin/htdig/htsearch-descpatch?config=nm2, try
searching for "iskusana".

- Antti Rauramo, WWW- ja tietokanta-asiantuntija, Edita Verkkoviestintä
- antti.rauramo@edita.fi, +358-9-8501 4004 (mobile)
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