[htdig] results display

Eric Luhrs (eluhrs@nbcs.rutgers.edu)
Thu, 11 Mar 1999 16:13:21 -0500 (EST)

Here is a sample from my FAQ database using the builtin-long format for
dispay. I like the way it indents everything below the title.

How do I send attachments in Outlook Express? ****
       (None of the search words were found in the top of this document.)

But I usually use the builtin-short format for display, which looks like

How do I send attachments in Outlook Express? ****

Since a lot of my document titles are more than one line, they display
like this:

****I want to create a Rutgers University Department web site using
FrontPage, where can I find information?
****How do I send attachments in Outlook Express?
 ***How do I Set up an address book in Outlook Express?
  **How do I configure Outlook Express to use POP?

Do you see how the first title wraps to the second line? I'd like to
indent it like the builtin-long format does for multiple lines. How do I
tell htdig to indent multiple-lines for the builtin-short format? Do I
need to make another template that uses the "blank_star:" attribute?
Where can I look at the template for builtin-long? I've looked around
the distribution, but I guess it's compiled into the code because I can't
find it....



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