[htdig] htdig program hangs on one particular URL

Dan Dexter (ddexter@lincom-asg.com)
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 10:43:03 -0600

I'm running htDig 3.1.0b4 on a Digital UNIX 4.0D system.

The htdig program hangs when it tries to index the document

I think it might be caused by the META tags in this document. My solution
to htdig hanging on this document is simply to exclude it in the htdig
configuration file.

I will be upgrading to htDig 3.1.1 soon, but I would like to know if anyone
with htDig 3.1.1 can successfully index this particular document.

If v3.1.1 can not index this document, then htDig might need to be updated to
make it more robust to the broken HTML in this document.


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