[htdig] Description-problem

Antti Rauramo (antti.rauramo@edita.fi)
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 17:46:56 +0200

Hi folks!

I'm confused: I have the following three test pages:

with just links to the two latter pages on the index page, and the
htsearch at

A copy of the nm2.conf is at

Now, if you try searching with a word like "iskusana", you'll see that
the resulting $(DESCRIPTION) is empty, and the $(DESCRIPTIONS) has an
empty slot, and (valid?) punctuation missing.

It's obvious that there absolutely are no more than a single link
pointing to the files, so it seems that the $(DESCRIPTION) is not
showing the first link text as it should.

The question is: WHY?!? Help is appreciated! Htdig is 3.1.0 on Solaris

- Antti Rauramo, WWW- ja tietokanta-asiantuntija, Edita Verkkoviestintä
- antti.rauramo@edita.fi, +358-9-8501 4004 (mobile)

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